Laboratory Guide for Identification of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Third Edition

Edited by NW Schaad, JB Jones, W Chun 
APS  2001  

spiral-bound  398 pages, 68 col photos, 9 b+w illus  ISBN 0890542635      £60.00

This decade has seen many advances in plant pathogenic bacteria identification, most notably polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This book features a list of available PCR primers and an appendix on Molecular Techniques. Nomenclatural changes included in this manual make identification of most plant pathogenic bacteria much easier. Many species have been given genus status and many pathovars have been returned to species rank. Each chapter in this book provides a description of the nomenclature and taxonomy being followed and a flow chart to aid in identification of plant pathogen genera is included.

To assist readers in correctly identifying bacteria, the Laboratory Guide for Identification of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Third Edition includes simplified methods, color photographs of biochemical results, full descriptive methods and a list of semiselective agar media useful for isolating bacteria. This guidebook will be a useful resource for educators, students, researchers, extension personnel, diagnosticians or anyone involved in identifying plant bacterial diseases.

Use the updated information in this comprehensive, standardized lab guide to easily and accurately identify plant pathogenic bacteria.

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