Compendium of Potato Diseases, Second Edition

Edited by Walter R Stevenson, Rosemary Loria, Gary D Franc, DP Weingarter 
APS  2001  

softcover  144 pages,193 col photos  ISBN 0890542759      £65.00
Compendium of Potato Diseases, Second Edition includes up-to-date information on diseases and disorders affecting potatoes worldwide. Since its first publication 20 years ago, key pathogens and management practices have greatly expanded, and the international importance of many pathogens has changed. Strengthened with nearly 200 color photographs, this practical reference will help growers and their advisors in the field make accurate diagnoses and improve disease control. Includes many diagrams that further illustrate symptoms and causal agents of diseases. This new edition covers the most current information available on potato diseases and provides easy-to-understand descriptions of diseases. Growers, crop consultants, extension agents, researchers, students, teachers, and everyone who works with potatoes will find this reference useful for studying, diagnosing, and managing potato diseases.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Origin, History, and Importance of the Potato; Development and Anatomy of the Potato Plant; Tuber Periderm and Disease Resistance; Tuber Respiration and Oxygen-Temperature Relationships; Potato Disease Management Strategies; Part I. Disease in the Presence of Infectious Pathogens; Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Bacterial Ring Rot; Blackleg, Aerial Stem Rot, and Tuber Soft Rot; Brown Rot; Bacterial Soft Rot Caused by Clostridium spp.; Common Scab; Disease of Unknown Cause; Pink Eye; Diseases Caused by Fungi; Black Dot; Brown Spot and Black Pit; Cercospora Leaf Blotch; Charcoal Rot; Choanephora Blight; Common Rust; Deforming Rust; Early Blight; Fusarium Dry Rot and Fusarium Wilt; Gangrene; Gray Mold; Late Blight; Leak; Mycorrhizal Relationships; Phoma Leaf Spot; Pink Rot; Pleospora herbarum Infection; Powdery Mildew; Powdery Scab; Canker and Black Scurf; Rosellinia Black Rot; Septoria Leaf Spot; Silver Scurf; Skin Spot; Stem Rot; Smut; Ulocladium Blight; Verticillium Wilt; Wart; White Mold; Diseases Caused by Plant-Parasitic Nematodes; Potato Cyst Nematodes; Potato Rot Nematode; Root-Knot Nematodes; Root-Lesion Nematodes; Sting Nematode; Stubby-Root Nematodes; Diseases Caused by Phytoplasmas; Aster Yellows Diseases; Witches'-Broom; Diseases Caused by Viruses and Viroids; Alfalfa mosaic virus; Potato leafroll virus; Potato mop-top virus; Potato spindle tuber viroid; Potato virus A; Potato virus M; Potato virus S; Potato virus T; Potato virus X; Potato virus Y; Tobacco rattle virus; Tomato spotted wilt virus; Disease Caused by Insect Toxin; Psyllid Yellows; Part II. Disease in the Absence of Infectious Pathogens; Nutrient Imbalances; Physiological Disorders and Injuries; Affecting Potato Plants; Aerial Tubers; Air Pollution Injury; Coiled Sprouts; Hail Injury; High-Temperature Injury to Stems and Foliage; Leafroll (Nonviral); Lightning Injury; Low-Temperature Injury to Stems and Foliage; Second Growth; Tipburn; Wind Injury; Disorders of Tubers: External Symptoms; Elephant Hide; Enlarged Lenticels; Hair Spr out; Jelly End; Sunscald; Tuber Cracking; Tuber Greening; Tuber Malformation; Physiological Disorders of Tubers: Internal Symptoms; Blackheart; Brown Center and Hollow Heart; Internal Brown Spot and Heat Necrosis; Internal Sprouts; Low-Temperature Injury to Tubers; Translucent End; Vascular Necrosis; Chemical Injury; Tuber Mechanical Damage; Glossary; Index; Color Plates

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