Sorghum and Millets Chemistry and Technology

Edited by Edited by David AV Dendy 
AACC press  1995  

Hardcover  407pp, 53 illus, 25 B+W photos  ISBN 0913250848      £136.00

Among many other areas, this authoritative volume covers:

  • Sorghum and Millets: History, Taxonomy, Distribution
  • Sorghum and Millets: Production and Importance
  • Agronomic Principles
  • Structure and Chemistry of Sorghum and Millets
  • Nutritional Properties
  • Storage of Sorghum and Millets
  • New Milling Technologies and Products: Whole Plant Utilization by Milling and Separation of the Botanical and Chemical Components
  • Lager Beers from Sorghum
  • Opaque Beers
  • Sorghum and Millets for Forage and Feed
  • Sweet Sorghum Substrate for Industrial Alcohol
  • Quality evaluation and trading standards
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