Miscanthus - For Energy and Fibre

Edited by Mary Walsh, Michael B Jones 
Earthscan  2000  

Hardcover  202pp  ISBN 9781849710978      £70.00
This publication encompasses the results and recommendations arising from extensive trials and experiments carried out by the leading European research organisations in the field. Much of the research was performed under the auspices of the Miscanthus Productivity Network, established under the European Union's Directorate General for Agriculture (DG VI).

The book presents expert guidance to growth conditions and breeding of Miscanthus, potential productivity and economics, environmental aspects, and harvesting, storage and utilisation. Contents include

  • Origins and taxonomy
  • Resource capture
  • Agronomy
  • Productivity
  • Breeding and improvement
  • Harvesting and Storage
  • Utilisation
  • Economics of production
  • Environmental aspects of production
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