Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines (2nd Edition)

Martin O.L. Hansen 
Earthscan  December 2007  

Hardcover  192pp  ISBN 9781844074389      £65.00
Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines is the established essential text for the fundamental solutions to efficient wind turbine design. Now in its second edition, it has been entirely updated and substantially extended to reflect advances in technology, research into rotor aerodynamics and the structural response of the wind turbine structure.

Topics covered include increasing mass flow through the turbine, performance at low and high wind speeds, assessment of the extreme conditions under which the turbine will perform and the theory for calculating the lifetime of the turbine. The classical Blade Element Momentum method is also covered, as are eigenmodes and the dynamic behaviour of a turbine. The new material includes a description of the effects of the dynamics and how this can be modelled in an €aeroelastic code€, which is widely used in the design and verification of modern wind turbines. Further, the description of how to calculate the vibration of the whole construction, as well as the time varying loads, has been substantially updated.


  • General Introduction to Wind Turbines
  • 2-D Aerodynamics
  • 3-D Aerodynamics
  • 1-D Momentum Theory for an Ideal Wind Turbine
  • Shrouded Rotors
  • The Classical Blade Element Momentum Method
  • Control/Regulation and Safety Systems
  • Optimization
  • Unsteady BEM Method
  • Introduction to Loads and Structures
  • Beam Theory for the Wind Turbine Blade
  • Dynamic Structural Model of a Wind Turbine
  • Sources of Loads on a Wind Turbine
  • Wind Simulation
  • Fatigue
  • Final Remarks
  • Index
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