A Solar Manifesto - New Edition (Fully Revised)

Herman Scheer 
Earthscan  2005  

Paperback  272pp  ISBN 9781902916514      £30.00

"...A Solar Manifesto is a monumental and breathtaking achievement! It is a visionary masterpiece, a thoughtful and well-reasoned polemic, and a handbook for a new age..."

Neville Williams, President of the Solar Electric Light Fund, USA

In this fully updated edition of a Solar Manifesto, Herman Scheer once more attacks the lack of political will to find answers outside a conventional frame of reference. Climate change, pollution, deforestation, destruction of the ozone layer, poverty and the population explosion are all problems created or exacerbated by the use of conventional energy.

Herman Scheer shows that thi scrisis may yet be reversed - but it can only be made to happen through a fundamental change in political and economic strategies, paving the way towards a global solar energy economy sustained by new social principles.

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Summer 2002 : climate change : energy : environmental impact : photovoltaics : renewable energy : solar energy : sustainable development

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