The Brilliance of Bioenergy - In Business and In Practice

Ralph Sims 
James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd  February 2002  

Hardcover  316pp  ISBN 9781849710695      £75.00

The potential for biomass to act as a store of solar energy, and yet to be converted efficiently when required into heat, power, transport fuels and even substitutes for plastics and petrochemicals, is not widely appreciated. The increasing abundance of well-designed, successful bioenergy projects around the world is creating new interest in this renewable, sustainable and low-emission-producing source of energy

The Brilliance of Bioenergy covers all the main resources and technologies, principles, practice, social and environmental issues as well as the economics involved. The books also presents valuable, practical experiences - both "how to" and "how not to" - in the form of case studies of both small and large scale projects in both developed and developing countries


  • Preface
  • What is Biomass and What is Bioenergy
  • The Woody Biomass Resource
  • The Non-woody Biomass Resource
  • The Supply Chain: Harvesting, Transport and Processing
  • Thermochemical Conversion by Combustion and The Steam Cycle
  • Thermochemical Conversion by Gasification and Pyrolysis
  • Biochemical Conversion of Wet Biomass
  • Cogeneration of Combined Heat and Power
  • Biofuels for Transport from the Biochemical Conversion of Biomass
  • Small-scale Bioenergy Systems: Present and Future
  • The Future Potential for Bioenergy and the Barriers
  • References and Bibliography
  • Index
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