Solar Energy - the State of the Art - ISES Position Papers

Edited by Jeffrey M. Gordon 
James and James  2001  

Hardcover  720pp  ISBN 9781902916231      £90.00

The book comprises 12 chapters, each dedicated to one of the major solar-energy sub-disciplines and authored by an internationally recognised expert in the field. Subjects covered include:

  • Solar and natural resources for a better efficeincy in the built environment
  • Glazings and coatings
  • Selectively solar-absorbing coatings
  • Solar collectors
  • Solar water heating
  • Photovoltaic physics and devices
  • Solar concentrators
  • The cost of pollution and the benefit of solar energy
  • Solar porcess heat: distillation, drying, agricultural and industrial uses
  • Solar resource assessment: a review
  • Solar thermal electricity
  • Wind energy review
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