Polar Seas Oceanography - An Integrated Case Study of the Kara Sea

Volkov, V.A. and Johannessen, O.M. 
Springer Verlag  2002  

Softcover  500 pp, 220 figs, 10 colour  ISBN 9783540429692      £206.00

Rapid development of Earth observation satellite using remote sensing techniques enables observations of the oceanic processes by sea and airborne study to be carried out over vast areas in a short time. This first book written by Russian and Norwegian scientists is an analysis of studies of the Kara Sea and presents a unique catalogue of environmental and pollution data of the joint Norwegian and Russian oceanographic expedition studies of the Kara Sea spanning three decades.


  • Field Studies of the Kara Sea
  • Main Factors Determining the Oceanographical Regime
  • Main Features of Oceanographical Regime
  • Modelling of the Water Circulation
  • Tides and Tidal Streams
  • Ice Cover and Ice Processes
  • Observation and Modelling of Transport of Radioactive Pollution in the Kara Sea

Series: Springer Praxis Books.

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