Mansfeld's Encyclopedia of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

Edited by P. Hanelt with contributions by numerous experts 
Springer Verlag  2001  

Hardcover - 6 Volumes  LXV + 3645 pp, 191 figs.  ISBN 9783540410171      £711.00
This long-awaited English edition of the famous "Mansfeld" gives a full account of all agricultural and horticultural plants, other than ornamentals, grown throughout the world presently or in the past. More than 6040 species are covered, including food crops, forage, oil, fibre, spice, medicinal, industrial and so-called auxiliary plants (shade trees, green manure or cover plants). Summaries are given on some hundreds of additional species which have been grown so far only under experimental conditions or in breeding programs. Reference is made not only to highly domesticated or economically important crops, but also to those hardly differing from their wild forms or grown only locally and regionally. This work is a unique documentation of the wide potential of cultivable plants.

"This is truly a landmark text, presenting the labors of several decades by the world's leading systematic botanists and plant collectors. This book is an indispensable reference work on the world's economic plants, and it belongs in every botanical and horticultural library."
Chicago Botanic Garden Web Site

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