Coenogenetics: Genetics of Biotic Communities

Uladzimir Sauchanka 
CPL Press  January 2002  

Hardback  194 pages  ISBN 1872691420      £70.00

Paperback  194 pages  ISBN 1872691374      £35.00

A sequel to "The genosphere: genetic system of the biosphere", published in English in 1997 (translated from the Russian edition of 1991), this book discusses the way in which the genetic systems of species lie at a level above that of populations, within an existing hierarchy of biological diversity that has its own genetic components. Here, the biosphere (or planetary living system) is discussed in terms of the genetic components that have actively contributed to evolutionary transformations, taking a holistic view that provides the opportunity for further interpretation of factors leading to the origin of species, as well as the replacement of primitive systems by those of greater complexity.

The contents, in eight chapters, cover:

  • Genetics, ecology & evolution
  • Biological diversity
  • Genocoenosis
  • Genetic tectonics
  • Cooperation
  • Competition
  • Exploitation
  • Bioevolutics

This is followed by a glossary of terms and detailed bibliography of over 250 literature references.

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