Woody Plants and Woody Plant Management - Ecology, Safety, and Environmental Impact

Rodney W. Bovey 
Marcel Dekker  March 2001  

Hardcover  584 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824704384      £170.00
This book, published as one of the Books in Soils, Plants and the Environment Series, is a reference work consolidating an extensive range of information covering the historical significance and botanical nature of woody plants, detailing strategies for managing woody plants and using research data to select the most appropriate control methods. It analyses the responses of over 370 North American woody plants to commercially available herbicides. Summarising the study and development of woody plant administration, this book:

  • describes the chemistry and properties of herbicides, alone and in combinations
  • reviews the impact, operations, and safety requirements for the use of herbicides via sprays, injections, and soil treatments
  • examines spray drift, vapor, and residue effects on crop plants such as cotton, tobacco, wheat, corn, and rice
  • discusses current information affecting the phenoxy herbicide controversy
  • indicates which herbicides are best suited for treating specific problems and reveals testing procedures of greatest efficacy
  • considers ecological shifts and responses and the effects of herbaceous weed and woody plant control on vegetation, tree crops, soil microorganisms and aquatic organisms as well as insects
  • explores mechanical and biological alternatives to chemical methods
  • and more!

It is illustrated with over 1300 literature references, drawings, and tables providing the ideal reference book for those involved in woody plant management, such as plant, crop, soil and environmental scientists; agriculturists; horticulturists. foresters; agronomists; plant physiologists; farmers and land managers. It is also an excellent text for university students in relevant disciplines, as illustrated by the following contents list:

  • Significance and Botanical Nature of Woody Plants
  • History and Development of Woody Plant Management
  • Herbicide Development
  • Chemistry and Properties of Herbicides Used
  • Herbicide Application Technology
  • Herbicide Residues and Impact on the Environment
  • Herbicide Toxicology and Safety
  • The Phenoxy Herbicide Controversy
  • Herbicide Fate and Activity in Woody Plants
  • Herbicide Spray Drift, Vapor, and Residue Effects on Crop Plants
  • Ecological Impact of Woody Plant Management
  • The Response of Woody Plants to Herbicides
  • Economics of Woody Plant Management
  • Nonchemical Methods of Woody Plant Control
  • Growing Woody Plants for Experimental Purposes
  • Summary and Recommendations

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