Mechanical Life Cycle Handbook - Good Environmental Design and Manufacturing

Edited by Mahendra S. Hundal 
Marcel Dekker  September 2001  

Hardcover  688 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824705725:      £145.00
This book, volume 138 in the Mechanical Engineering series, explains how Design for the Environment (DFE) and Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) processes may be integrated into business and manufacturing practices. It will be of interest to mechanical, cost, electrical, electronics, biomedical, chemical, aeronautical, industrial, materials, automotive, design, project, and manufacturing engineers; product designers, planners, and managers as well as advanced environmental students.

Contents include

Part 1 General and introductory: introduction to the DFE/LCA; life cycle assessment - a synopsis;
multi-lifecycle assessment - an extension of traditional LCA;
methodologies - design for the environment; environmental laws - USA;
legislation and market driven requirements - European examples.

Part 2 Product planning: ecodesign with focus on product structures;
decision support for planning eco-effective product systems;
the ECODESIGN checklist method - design assessment and improvements.

Part 3 Design and manufacturing: holistic design for environment and market - methodology and computer support;
development of an integrated design environment for ecological product assessment and optimization;
the utilization phase as a critical element in ecological design;
modelling and control for environmentally conscious design and manufacturing;
environmental issues in collaborative design.

Part 4 Industrial practice: life cycle assessment - discussion and industrial applications;
life cycle engineering - a tool for optimising technologies, parts and systems.

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