Electrochemical Sensors in Bioanalysis

Raluca-Ioana Stefan, Jacobus Frederick van Staden and Hassan Y Aboul-Enein 
Marcel Dekker  2001  

Hardcover  316 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706623      £127.00
This book covers recent advances in methods and materials for the construction, validation, analysis, and design of electrochemical sensors for bioanalytical, clinical, and pharmaceutical applications. It emphasises the latest classes of enantioselective electrochemical sensors as well as electrochemical sensors for in vivo and in vitro diagnosis, for DNA assay and HIV detection as well as for use as detectors in flow systems. It covers current techniques for the assay of biological fluids and pharmaceutical compounds and will thus be of interest to analytical, electroanalytical, pharmaceutical, food, organic, medicinal, and environmental chemists and biochemists as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


Electrochemical sensors design;
new theoretical concepts for ion-selective membrane electrodes;
response characteristics of electrochemical sensors;
analytical methods that use electrochemical sensors;
applications of electrochemical sensors in the analysis of inorganic-type of substances;
applications of electrochemical sensors in the analysis of organic-type of substances;
the assay of DNA using electrochemical sensors; electrochemical sensors used in the diagnosis of HIV;
enantioselective electrochemical sensors; microbial sensors;
electrochemical sensor arrays; the utilization of microelectrodes for in vivo and in vitro analyses;
flow systems with electrochemical sensors as detectors;
validation criteria for developing electrochemical sensors for bioanalysis;
estimation of uncertainties for electrochemical sensors applied in bioanalysis.
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