Handbook of Dietary Fiber

Edited by Susan Sungsoo Cho and Mark L Dreher 
Marcel Dekker  August 2001  

Hardcover  896 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824789602      £190.00
This book volume 113 in the series Food Science and Technology, presents current research on the analysis, metabolism, function, and physicochemical properties of fiber, fiber concentrates, and bioactive isolates-exploring the effect of fiber on chronic disease, cardiovascular health, cancer, and diabetes. It examines food applications and the efficacy and safety of psyllium, sugar beet fiber, pectin, alginate, gum arabic, and rice bran. It will be of interest to clinical nutritionists, dieticians, food scientists and technologists, analytical and agricultural chemists and biochemists, biomedical researchers, food manufacturers and government regulators as well as advanced students in food science.


Part 1 Dietary fibre in health and disease:
dietary fibre overview;
dietary fibre and cardiovascular disease;
dietary fibre and colon cancer;
dietary fibre and breast cancer risk;
dietary fibre and breast cancer epidemiology;
dietary fibre and prostate cancer;
dietary fibre and glucose metabolism and diabetes;
resistant oligosaccharides.

Part 2 Physicochemical properties:
physicochemical properties of dietary fibre - overview;
adsorption of carcinogens by dietary fibre;
dietary fibre and mineral interaction;
the influence of wheat fibre and bran on mineral nutriture;
nondigestible oligosaccharides and mineral absorption;
enzymatic modification of dietary fibre sources.

Part 3 Chemistry and analysis: chemistry, architecture and composition of dietary fibre from plant cell walls; chemistry and analysis of lignin;
high-performance liquid chromatography techniques used in dietary fibre and complex carbohydrates analysis;
dietary fibre-associated compounds - chemistry, analysis and nutritional effects of polyphenols.

Part 4 Functional dietary fibre ingredients: food use of fibre;
wheat bran - physiological effects;
psyllium - food applications, efficacy and safety;
oat fibre - production, composition, physicochemical properties, physiological effects, safety and food applications;
barley fibre;
rice bran -production, composition, availability, healthful properties, safety and food applications;
ugar beet fibre - production, composition, physicochemical properties, physiological effects, safety and food applications;
pectin - composition, chemistry, physicochemical properties, food applications and physiological effects;
classification, structure and chemistry of polysaccharides of foods;
guar gum - agricultural and botanical aspects, physicochemical and nutritional properties, and its use in the development of functional foods.

Part 5 Worldwide dietary fibre intake and regulations of dietary fibre foods.

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