Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Hillel Rubin and Joseph Atkinson 
Marcel Dekker  July 2001  

752 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824787813      £83.00

This book provides a combination of information covering basic fluid principles with their application in different situations on the earth's surface, underground and in the oceans. It details the use of physical and numerical models and up-to-the-minute computational approaches for the analysis of environmental processes. Each chapter contains practical applications of modern fluid mechanics in areas such as environmental quality, contaminant transport, global fluid flows, and water quality modelling. It also contains sets of problems and their solutions. It will be of interest to geoenvironmental, geotechnical, environmental and hydraulic engineers as well as oceanographers and advanced environmental students.


  • Principles of environmental fluid mechanics:
  • preliminary concepts;
  • fundamental equations;
  • viscous flows;
  • inviscid flows and potential flow theory;
  • introduction to turbulence;
  • boundary layers;
  • surface water flows;
  • surface water waves;
  • geophysical fluid motions.
  • Applications of environmental fluid mechanics:
  • environmental transport processes;
  • groundwater flow and quality modelling;
  • exchange processes at the air/water interface;
  • topics in stratified flow; dynamics of effluents;
  • sediment transport;
  • remediation issues.
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