Crystallization Processes in Fats and Lipid Systems

Edited by Nissim Garti and Kiyotaka Sato 
Marcel Dekker  2001  

Hardcover  552 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824705510      £158.00
This book covers new and emerging techniques, processes, and applications in the behaviour, crystallization, and polymorphic transformations of fats and oils. It presents recent research and current information on advanced analytical tools, computer modelling, molecular structures, mixing behaviour, and interactions with seeding materials and surfactants. It also highlights novel developments in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries covering recent discoveries in polymorphic forms, self-assembled structures, and speciality fats and oils, emphasising health, balanced nutrition, and functionality. It will be of interest to oil, lipid, food, cosmetic, physical, surface, and colloid chemists and biochemists as well as graduate students.


  • Crystallization processes;
  • polymorphism and phase transitions of fatty acids and acylglycerols;
  • morphological connected net roughening transition theory - application to beta-2 crystals of triaclglycerols;
  • nucleation and growth in the solid-solid phase transitions of n-alkanes;
  • molecular interactions and phase behaviour of polymorphic fats;
  • the roles of emulsifiers in fat crystallization; crystallization of oil-in-water emulsions;
  • fat crystal networks; lipid crystallization and its effect on the physical structure of ice cream;
  • crystallization of palm oil and its fractions; advances in milk fat fractionation - technology and applications;
  • crystallization properties of cocoa butter; influences of colloidal state on physical properties of solid fats;
  • separation and crystallization of oleaginous constituents in cosmetics - sweating and blooming;
  • crystallization properties and lyotropic phase behaviour of food emulsifiers - relation to applications.
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