Transport Properties of Foods

George D Saravacos and Zacharias B Maroulis 
Marcel Dekker  June 2001  

Hardback  432 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706135      £145.00
This book, volume 111 in the series Food Science and Technology, covers the transport properties of food materials and systems. It deals with viscosity, moisture diffusivities, thermal conductivity and diffusivity, transport and permeability of small molecules as well as heat and mass transfer coefficients. Physical, mathematical, or empirical models of the transport processes for each application, as well as principal property values and measuring methods for various food products and systems are also covered. The book will be of value to food, agricultural, biological, and chemical engineers; food processors; food technologists; quality control specialists; biochemists; microbiologists and nutritionists as well as advanced students of these disciplines.


  • Transport properties of simple fluids;
  • structure of foods and food products;
  • rheological properties of fluid foods;
  • thermal conductivity and diffusivity of food materials;
  • heat transfer coefficients in food systems;
  • transport of water in food materials;
  • transport of other small molecules in food materials;
  • permeability of small molecules in food systems;
  • mass transfer coefficients in food systems.
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