Polymers in Particulate Systems - Properties and Applications

Edited by Vincent A Hackley, P Somasundaran and Jennifer A Levas 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001  

Hardcover  384 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706784      £120.00
This book, volume 104 in the series Surfactant Science, covers recent research on the flow and structure of complex particulate suspensions, the adsorption behaviour of polymers, and the consolidation behaviour and mechanical properties of films. It will be of interest to physical, surface, colloid, inorganic, organic, polymer, medicinal, and analytical chemists and biochemists; chemical engineers; ceramists; materials scientists; biophysicists; biotechnologists; biomaterials specialists; and graduate students in these areas.


Part 1 Colloidal stability and polymer functionality:
effect of physisorbed polymers on the interaction of latex particles and their dispersion stability;
electrosteric stabilization mechanisms in nonaqueous high solids loading dispersions;
depletion interactions produced by charged spheres and spheroids;
role of polymer functionality in specific adsorption to oxides - a molecular recognition approach;
monitoring of adsorbed polymer conformation in concentrated suspensions.

Part 2 Rheology: shear and compressional rheology principles in ceramic processing;
role of polymer adsorption and electrostatics in the viscosity of aqueous colloidal dispersions.

Part 3 Processing and biomedical applications:
colloid-filled polymer gels - a novel approach to ceramics fabrication;
polymeric dispersants in concrete;
polyelectrolyte adsorption in bioceramic systems - hydroxyapatite as a substrate material;
soluble polymers in bioceramic systems.

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