Flavor, Fragrance and Odor Analysis

Edited by Ray Marsili 
Marcel Dekker  2001  

Hardcover  440 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706272      £145.00

This book, number 115 in the series Food Science and Technology, describes recent advances in mass spectrometry, sample preparation, gas chromatography (GC)-olfactometry, and electronic-nose technology for food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. It discusses the chemical structures of key flavour and fragrance compounds and contains numerous examples and chromatographic traces. It will be of value to food, flavour, fragrance, and cosmetic chemists and technologists; composition, quality control, and assurance engineers; sensory analysts and pharmaceutical as well as advanced students interested in these disciplines.


  • Solvent Extraction and Distillation Techniques, T. Parliment
  • Analysis of Food Volatiles Using Headspace-Gas Chromatographic Techniques, T.P. Wampler
  • The Analysis of Food Volatiles Using Direct Thermal Desorption, C.C. Grimm, S.W. Lloyd, J.A. Miller, and A.M. Spanier
  • Solid-Phase Microextraction for the Analysis of Aromas and Flavors, A.D. Harmon
  • The Advantages of GC-TOFMS for Flavor and Fragrance Analysis, J.F. Holland and B.D. Gardner
  • Modern Methods for Isolating and Quantifying Volatile Flavor and Fragrance Compounds, P. Werkhoff, S. Brennecke, W. Bretschneider, and H.-J. Bertram
  • SPME Comparison Studies and What They Reveal, R. Marsili
  • Analysis of Volatile Compounds in the Headspace of Rice Using SPME/GC/MS, C.C. Grimm, E.T. Champagne, and K. Ohtsubo
  • Headspace Techniques for the Reconstitution of Flower Scents and Identification of New Aroma Chemicals, T. McGee and K.L. Purzycki
  • SPME Applications in Consumer Products, R. Payne, A.E. Puchalski, and J. Labows
  • Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry in Food Aroma Analysis, I. Blank
  • Quantitative Use of Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry: The GC-"SNIF" Method, A. Chaintreau
  • Combining Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Analysis to Make a Reliable and Versatile Electronic Nose, R. Marsili
  • Character Impact Compounds: Flavors and Off-Flavors in Foods, R.J. McGorrin
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  • Index
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