Polymeric Biomaterials (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded)

Edited by Severian Dumitriu 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001  

1184 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824705695      £179.00

Expanded by a factor of three since the last edition, this book presents the chemical, physical, and structural properties of polysaccharides and synthetic and biodegradable polymers. It details current applications of biomaterials and polymers for drug delivery, tissue engineering, biomedical sensing, and skin grafting as well as their use as medical adhesives and textiles. It will be of interest to plastics and biomedical engineers, polymer scientists, biochemists, molecular biologists, macromolecular chemists, pharmacists, cardiovascular and plastic surgeons as well as medical students

Partial Contents

  • Polymers as biomaterials;
  • polysaccharides as biomaterials;
  • biomimetic materials;
  • silicones for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications;
  • biodegradable polymers as drug carrier systems;
  • biodegradable biomaterials having nitric oxide biological activity;
  • hydrogels for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications;
  • mucoadhesive polymers;
  • polymer for tissue engineering scaffolds;
  • chitosan, structure-properties relationship, biomedical application;
  • chitosan-based delivery systems - physiochemical properties of the material in relation to pharmaceutical applications;
  • immobilization of active biopolymers from cold-plasma functionalised surfaces for creating molecular-recognition and molecular manufacturing systems;
  • advances in designed multivalent bioconjugates with dendritic structure;
  • biocompatibility of elastomers;
  • control of cell-biomaterial interactions;
  • polymeric systems for ophthalmic drug delivery ;
  • dental and maxillofacial surgery applications of polymers;
  • biomaterials in burn and wound dressing.
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