Guide To Writing Empirical Papers, Theses, and Dissertations

G. David Garson 
Marcel Dekker 

Hardcover  368 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706050      £60.00

This book describes the quantitative research process, framing analytical questions, developing a comprehensive outline, providing a roadmap for the reader and accessing indispensable computer and program tools. It also provides end-of-chapter checklists, extensive examples, and bibliographies. It will be of value to both academics supervising or advising thesis/dissertation students, research methods instructors, higher education scholars, librarians at academic or research institutions and information scientists as well as those undergraduate or graduate students about to produce a quantitative thesis/dissertation.


  • Part 1 Selecting a topic: choosing a subject; forming an outline.
  • Part 2 Reviewing the literature: tools; writing the review.
  • Part 3 Developing your model: specifying your models; defining the methodology.
  • Part 4 Presenting your case: telling a story; data-gathering.
  • Part 5 Coming to a conclusion: the conclusion; the dissertation process.
  • Part 6 Final topics; the humanities and the natural sciences; funding.
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