Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery

Edited by David T. Rossi and Michael W Sinz 
Marcel Dekker  November 2001  

Hardback  432 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706074      £127.00

This book covers the theory, instrumentation, and principles of mass spectrometry and atmospheric pressure ionisation. It also discusses new strategies for novel drug detection and development and identifies recent applications of mass spectrometry in chemical libraries, combinatorial chemistry, and pharmacology. It will be of interest to spectrometrists; pharmacologists; analytical; medicinal, and organic chemists and biochemists; biotechnologists; pharmaceutical scientists and toxicologists as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students.


Introduction: the demand for drug discovery today; the impact of atmospheric pressure ionisation.

Part 1 Instrumentation: a mass spectrometry primer.

Part 2 Experimental strategies: ion chemistry and fragmentation;
the LC/MS experiment;
sample preparation and handling for LC/MS in drug discovery.

Part 3 Applications: mass spectrometry in combinatorial chemistry;
drug hydrophobicity and transport;
the mass spectrometer in drug metabolism;
mass spectrometry-assisted applications of stable-labeled compounds in pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism studies;
cassette dosing in drug discovery;
applications of microdialysis/mass spectrometry to drug discovery;
future directions for mass spectrometry in drug discovery.

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