Environmental Chemistry of Arsenic

Edited by William T Frankenberger, Jr. 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001  

Hardback  410 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706760      £145.00

As one of the series Books In Soils, Plants and The Environment, this volume details recent advances in the prevention and control of arsenic and arsenic compounds in the air, soil, and water and offers the most recent and analytical methods for the detection and study of arsenic in the environment and human body. It also outlines modern bioremediation techniques for effective treatment of contaminated water supplies. It will be of interest to environmental and soil scientists, agricultural engineers, toxicologists, hydrologists, geologists and microbiologists as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


Arsenic Poisoning Through the Ages, J.O. Nriagu
Analytical Methods for the Determination of Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds in the Environment, W. Goessler and D. Kuehnelt
Arsenic Compounds in the Environment, K.A. Francesconi and D. Kuehnelt
Arsenic Speciation in the Environment and Humans, X.C. Le
Bioavailability and Risk of Arsenic Exposure by the Soil Ingestion Pathway, N.T. Basta, R.R. Rodriguez, and S.W. Casteel
Aspects of Arsenic Chemistry in Relation to Occurrence, Health, and Treatment, L.S. McNeill, H.-w. Chen, and M . Edwards
Biogeochemical Controls on Arsenic Occurrence and Mobility in Water Supplies, J.G. Hering and P.E. Kneebone
Arsenic (V)/(III) Cycling in Soils and Natural Waters: Chemical and Microbiological Processes, W.P. Inskeep, T.R. McDermott, and S. Fendorf
Metal-Oxide Adsorption, Ion Exchange, and Coagulation-Microfiltration for Arsenic Removal from Water, D.A. Clifford and G.L. Ghurye
Arsenic Metabolism: Resistance, Reduction, and Oxidation, S. Silver, L.T. Phung, and B.P. Rosen
Bacterial Respiration of Arsenate and Its Significance in the Environment, R.S. Oremland, D.K. Newman, B.W. Kail, and J.F. Stolz
Unique Modes of Arsenate Respiration by Chrysiogenes arsenatis and Desulfomicrobium sp. str. Ben-RB, J.M. Macy and J.M. Santini
Bacterial Oxidation of As(III) Compounds, H.L. Ehrlich
Characteristics of Newly Discovered Arsenite-Oxidizing Bacteria, J.M. Santini, R.N. vanden Hoven, and J.M. Macy
Oxidation of Arsenite by Alcaligenes faecalis, G.L. Anderson, P.J. Ellis, P. Kuhn, and R. Hille
Volatilization of Arsenic, W.T. Frankenberger, Jr., and M. Arshad

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