Interfacial Electrokinetics and Electrophoresis

Edited by Angel V Delgado 
Marcel Dekker  December 2001  

Hardcover  1016 pp  ISBN 9780824706036      £204.00
This book, volume 106 in the series Surfactant Science, presents theoretical models and experimental procedures for the analysis of electrokinetic phenomena. It discusses the physics and chemistry of solid/liquid, liquid/liquid, and gas/liquid interfaces and describes practical applications for the ink and printing, environmental, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries. It will be of interest to physical, surface, and colloid chemists; chemical, materials, and inorganic scientists and engineers; materials scientists; chemical physicists; and graduate students in these disciplines.


  • General;
  • membranes and porous plugs;
  • polymers and particles of biological interest;
  • inorganic particles;
  • gas/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces - vesicles.
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Autumn 2001 : Marcel Dekker : analytical methods : biomedical sciences : chemistry : colloids : electrochemical methods : environmental science : modelling, computer & mathematical : pharmaceuticals : surfactant

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