Advanced Drying Technologies - 2nd edition

Tadeusz Kudra Canmet and Arun S Mujumdar 
Marcel Dekker  February 2009  

Hardcover  520 pp  ISBN 9781420073874      £119.00
  • Covers new and emerging drying technologies for a variety of products
  • Features new chapters on Spray Freeze Drying, Fry Drying, Refractance Window Drying, and Mechanical thermal expression Additional topics covered include Electrodewatering,
  • Dewatering by prevaporation, Shock pre-drying, and Drying of foamed materials
  • Provides guidelines for dryer selection
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for pre- and post-drying operations for industrial dryers audience Food processing engineers and plant engineers setting up drying and dehydration processes for food manufactures

The first edition of Advanced Drying Technologies emphasized emerging equipment, innovative techniques, and cost-effective strategies for a variety of industrial, food, and agricultural applications. Written under the guidance of two editors with a combined 60 plus years of experience, this new edition continues to present the breakthroughs in thermal dehydration, drying, and dewatering. The book features new chapters on spray freeze drying, fry drying, refractance window drying, and mechanical thermal expression, to name just a few. The book examines dryers for numerous materials ranging from particulate solids, through slurries and suspensions, to continuous sheets.


  • General Discussion: Conventional and Novel Drying Concepts.
  • Selected Advanced Drying technologies.
  • Selected Techniques for Drying and Dewatering.
  • Hybrid Drying Technologies.
  • Other Techniques.
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