Conjugated Polymer and Molecular Interfaces Science and Technology for Photonic and Optoelectronic Applications

Edited by William R Salaneck, Kazuhiko Seki and Jean-Jacques Pireaux 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001  

Hardcover  888 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824705886      £191.00

This book defines the state-of-the-art in interface science for electronic applications of organic materials. It describes novel electronic devices created from conjugated polymers and organic molecular solids. It will be of interest to optical, plastics, polymer, chemical, electrical and electronics, and fiber engineers; physical, surface, colloid, organic, synthetic, polymer, electro- and petrochemists; theoretical, experimental, and condensed matter physicists; spectroscopists; and advanced students in these disciplines.


Functional dendritic thin films and monolayers;
a theoretical study of electric contacts to self-assembled molecular wires on conducting substrates;
a theoretical insight into organic interfaces in electro-optic devices;
photoelectron spectroscopy of interfaces for polymer-based electronic devices;
role of interfaces in semiconducting polymer opto-electronic devices;
studies of organic thin films and interfaces by various electron spectroscopies - molecular orientation, electronic states and reactions;
organic-metal interfaces - from physisorption to covalent bonding;
electronic structure of interfaces between organic molecules and van der Waals surfaces;
indium-tin oxide thin films for characterization of electrochemical processes in molecular assemblies - surface characterization and surface modification;
energy level alignment at organic/metal interfaces;
organic molecular interfaces - investigations of electronic structure, chemistry and carrier injection properties;
metal/polyfluorene interface and surface - structures and stability;
femtosecond photoemission study of relaxation and interface charge transfer dynamics in organic photoreceptors;
STM-excited electroluminescence and spectroscopy on conjugated polymers;
contact-limited hole current in poly(P-phenylene vinylene);
organic light-emitting diodes using alkaline-earth fluorides as an electron-injection layer;
characterization of metal interfaces to molecular media from analysis of transient and steady state electrical measurements; molecular-sized structural trap at organic/metal interface and photocurrent multiplication phenomenon;
charge injection into disordered organic semiconductors;
energy structures of molecular thin film/metal interface and photocurrent multiplication phenomenon;
charge injection into disordered organic semiconductors;
energy structures of molecular thin film/metal interfaces in air;
metal/organic Schottky energy barriers - measurements and device implications;
nanometric electrostatic phenomena at molecular interfaces;
modifying interfaces to semiconducting polymers -PEDOT in polymer microelectronics; electron and hole injection processes in OLEDs consisting on low-molecular-weight materials;
preparation of single-crystalline van der Waals surfaces;
organic epitaxy - a tricky subject;
enhanced electron and hole injection at electrodes in organic electroluminescent devices.

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