Food Additives (Second edition, revised and expanded)

Edited by Alfred Larry Branen, Michael Davidson, Seppo Salminen and John H Thorngate 
Marcel Dekker  October 2001  

952 pages, illustrated  ISBN 9780824793432      £187.00

This book, volume 114 in the series Food Science and Technology, emphasises the biochemical, chemical, and toxicological components of numerous food additives as well as their benefits and risks. Offering over 2000 useful references and more than 200 helpful tables, equations, drawings, and photographs, this book presents research on food phosphates, commercial starches, antibrowning agents, essential fatty acids, and fat substitutes, as well as studies on consumer perceptions of food additives. With contributions from nearly 50 leading international authorities, the Second Edition of Food Additives details food additives for special dietary needs, contemporary studies on the role of food additives in learning, sleep, and behavioral problems in children, safety and regulatory requirements in the U.S. and the European Union, and methods to determine hypersensitivity. It will be of value to food scientists, chemists, and technologists; nutritionists, dieticians, toxicologists, agricultural scientists, microbiologists, and biochemists; food and drug administrators, food quality assurance and safety inspectors, and public health professionals as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students of food science and related disciplines.


  • Food Additive Intake Assessment, S. Salminen and R. Tahvonen
  • Risks and Benefits of Food Additives, S.S. Sumner and J.D. Eifert
  • Food Additives and Hypersensitivity, M. Hannuksela and T. Haahtela
  • The Role of Food Additives and Chemicals in Behavioral, Learning, Activity, and Sleep Problems in Children, J. Breakey, C. Reilly, and H. Connell
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Food Additives, C.M. Bruhn
  • Food Additives in the European Union, R. Verbruggen
  • Regulation of Food Additives in the United States, P. Barton Hutt
  • Nutritional Additives, M.A. Swanson and P. Evenson
  • Essential Fatty Acids as Food Additives, D.J. Kyle
  • Fat Substitutes and Replacers, S.M. Mahungu, S.L. Hansen, and W.E. Artz
  • Food Additives for Special Dietary Purposes, J.M. V. Grigor, W.S. Johnson, and S. Salminen
  • Flavoring Agents, G.S. Sinki and R.J. Gordon
  • Flavor Enhancers, Y.-h. Sugita
  • Sweeteners, S. Salminen and A. Hallikainen
  • Synthetic Food Colorants, J.H. Thorngate, III
  • Natural Color Additives, Y.-K. Lee and H.-P. Khng
  • Antioxidants, J.B. German
  • Antibrowning Agents, G.M. Sapers, K.B. Hicks, and R.L. Miller
  • Antimicrobial Agents, P.M. Davidson, V.K. Juneja, and J.K. Branen
  • pH Control Agents and Acidulants, S. Doores
  • Enzymes, A. Kilara and M. Desai
  • Emulsifiers, S.M. Mahungu and W.E. Artz
  • Commercial Starches and Their Potential in Foods, T.E. Luallen
  • Food Phosphates, L.E. Lampila and J.P. Godber
Appendix 1: Functional Classes, Definitions, and Technological Functions Appendix 2: Numbering System for Food Additives Appendix 3: List of Modified Starches Index
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