Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture, Economics and Politics

Edited by Gerald C. Nelson 
Academic Press  2001  

Hardback  300 pages  ISBN 9780125154222      £67.00
This book offers a comprehensive overview of the science, economics, and politics of the use of genetically modified organisms (GM0s) in agriculture. It is a highly readable book offering in-depth coverage of the three most-widely used GMOs: Bt corn and cotton and glyphosate-resistant soybeans. A diversity of views on the GMO controversies are represented, presenting widely different perspectives from leading figures in the debate. These include representatives from the European Commission, the Center for Global Food Issues, Consumers' Union and the Biotechnology Industry Organization, etc, covering the perspectives of different groups involved in the controversies: governments, environmental agencies, consumers, industrial agencies and the developing world. More detailed information on selected topics is included, such as the history of biotechnology innovations, the techniques of biotechnology, the latest research on the consequences of Bt corn for the monarch butterfly and a list of European GMO field trial approvals. Issues such as US and EU regulatory concerns, import/export patterns and the impact on international trade are also covered. It includes additional detailed footnotes and references to the academic literature.

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