Pollution Science (2nd edition)

Ian L. Pepper and Charles P. Gerba 
Academic Press  May 2006  

Hardback  552 pages  ISBN 9780125515030      £65.00
  • Emphasizes conceptual understanding of environmental impact, integrating the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and mathematics
  • Topics cover the fate and transport of contaminants; monitoring and remediation of pollution; sources and characteristics of pollution; and risk assessment and management
  • Includes color photos and diagrams, chapter questions and problems, and highlighted key words


This unique book integrates a large number of subjects in environmental studies and provides a realistic and objective evaluation of pollution as a price we pay for a modern economy. It focuses on the scientific assessment of environmental quality by developing a framework of principles that can be applied to any environmental problem. It addresses tactical issues for managers and government workers such as remediation, environmental monitoring, risk assessment, and management. It can be used by professionals as well as undergraduate students.

Description of First Edition

This beautifully illustrated text is designed to serve the integrated, rigorous science-based undergraduate curriculum that is emerging in environmental science. Emphasis is placed on a conceptual understanding of environmental impact by integrating the key scientific disciplines that investigate the sources, fate, transport, mitigation, and toxicology of pollutants. Abiotic and biotic processes in the soil/vadose zone, surface waters, and the atmosphere are all examined in the context of existing pollution and the potential to minimize future pollution. Innovative coverage includes the practical problems of remediation, environmental monitoring and risk assessment and management. The book will also serve as an authoritative reference for advanced students and environmental professionals. Written by nationally recognized experts and richly illustrated and documented with 186 full colour illustrations and photographs and 79 tables, the concepts are clearly and rigorously presented.

Of interest to professionals and students studying the environment, especially as it relates to pollution; also government workers and conservationists/ecologists
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