Chocolate and Health

Edited by R Paoletti, A Poli, A Conti, F Visioli 
Springer  2012  

Hardcover  188 pp  ISBN 9788847020375      £126.00
  • State-of-the-art of a very popular topic
  • Media often talk about this topic
  • Includes biomedical research, psychology, and food technology

Cocoa and chocolate are the subjects of much research in the fields of food chemistry, food technology, and health science. We now know that cocoa contains a remarkable number of bioactive compounds, and these are being tested in humans to verify their disease prevention characteristics.

This state of the art text thoroughly explores the different aspects of the relationship between chocolate and health. After introductory discussion of the historical background, careful attention is devoted to technological developments designed to improve the health-giving qualities of chocolate and biochemical and clinical trials of cocoa and its components. Various health impacts of cocoa and chocolate are thoroughly evaluated, including acute vascular effects and effects on blood pressure, blood lipids, and platelets. Psychological drivers of chocolate consumption and craving are also considered.

Readers will find this book to be a rich source of essential information on cocoa and chocolate, their purported health-giving qualities, and the advances that are being made in this area.


  • Chocolate as Medicine: A Changing Framework of Evidence Throughout History (P.K. Wilson)
  • Industrial Treatment of Cocoa in Chocolate Production: Health Implications (H. Bernaert)
  • Biomarkers of Cocoa Consumption (N. Khan)
  • Botany and Pharmacognosy of the Cacao Tree (M. L. Colombo)
  • Chocolate and Health: A Brief Review of the Evidence (F. Visioli)
  • Polyphenolic Antioxidants and Health (L. Loffredo)
  • Acute Vascular Effects of Chocolate in Healthy Human Volunteers (A. Conti)
  • Vascular and Platelet Effects of Cocoa (I. Sudano)
  • Cocoa, Chocolate and Hypertension (C. Ferri)
  • Cocoa, Chocolate and Blood Lipids (C. Galli) 1
  • Psychological Drivers of Chocolate Consumption (E. Molinari)
  • Chocolate and Mood (G. B. Parker)
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