Thomas Bauer 
Springer  2011  

Hardcover  202 pp  ISBN 9783642199646      £90.00
  • Covers one of the hot topics of alternative energy generation
  • Represents the state-of-the-art in thermovoltaics which is expected to become as important as photovoltaics
  • Deals with thermovoltaics, a method for direct generation of electric energy from heat
  • The basics are clearly explained

Applications like energy production from waste heat recovery and concentrated solare power are the main focus of this book aimed at researchers in thermovoltaics and engineers in alternative energy generation covering the science and technology associated with the direct generation of electricity from high temperature heat. Potential applications include combined heat and power, portable and auxiliary power, radioisotope space power, industrial waste heat recovery and concentrated solar power.

This book aims to serve as an introduction to the underlying theory, overview of present day components and system arrangements, and update of the latest developments in the field. The emphasis is placed on the understanding of the critical aspects of efficient thermophotovoltaic system design. The aim is to assist researchers in the field.


  • Introduction.
  • PART I: Radiators (Emitters).- Filters.- Photovoltaic Cells.
  • PART II: SYSTEMS.- Heat Transfer.- Cavity Design and Optical Control.- Competing Technologies.- Projected System Performances and Potential Applications.
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