Introduction to Hydro Energy Systems

Hermann-Josef Wagner, Jyotirmay Mathur 
Springer  2011  

Hardcover  140 pp  ISBN 9783642207082      £90.00
  • Shows a strict balance between a short book chapter and very detailed book for subject experts
  • Hydropower is quite interdisciplinary and book gives simplified presentations for persons from non-parent discipline
  • It meets requirements of starting students from different disciplines: mechanical, electrical, civil, law

The authors have tried to strike a balance between a short book chapter and a very detailed book for subject experts. There are three prime reasons behind for doing so: first, the field is quite interdisciplinary and requires simplified presentation for a person from non-parent discipline. The second reason for this short-version of a full book is that both the authors have seen students and technically oriented people, who were searching for this type of book on hydro energy. The third reason and motivation was considering engineers who are starting their career in hydro energy sector. This book is targeted to present a good starting background and basic understanding for such professionals.


  • Introduction and Status of Hydropower.
  • Terminology and Legal Framework
  • Physical and Technical Basics of Hydropower
  • Components of Hydropower Plants
  • Hydraulic turbines: Types and operational aspects.
  • Use of Ocean Energies.
  • Economics of Hydropower Plants.
  • Outlook for Hydropower.
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