Syngas from Waste

Edited by Luis Puigjaner 
Springer  2011  

Hardcover  327 pp  ISBN 9780857295392      £153.00
  • Includes numerous illustrations and tables to facilitate the reader's understanding
  • Contains industrial applications in areas such as clean power generation
  • Enables professionals to evaluate and improve existing installations, as well as to design new ones

Syngas from Waste presents the most recent concepts, methods and techniques for the preliminary design of a promising emerging technology: production of clean syngas from waste materials. An in-depth account is given of the steps necessary to achieve the optimum design and up-to-date tools are presented to support the designer€s decision-making tasks: modelling, simulation and optimization. Numerous illustrations and tables are included to facilitate the reader€s understanding, as well as suggestions for further reading. The text is complemented with practical examples and industrial applications ranging from clean power generation to complex combined heat and power systems and high purity hydrogen for use in fuel cells.

Syngas from Waste contains high-quality contributions from leading experts in the field. It is intended for academics at MSc or PhD level, researchers and industry practitioners in syngas production and applications, who are involved in the design, retrofit design and evaluation activities of alternative scenarios. It contains valuable teaching material for lecturers and provides industry professionals with the know-how to evaluate and improve existing installations or even to design a new one.


  • Introduction.
  • Raw Materials, Selection, Preparation and Characterization.
  • Raw Materials Supply.
  • Modelling Syngas Generation.
  • Main Purification Operations.
  • Emerging Technologies on Syngas Purification. Process Intensification.
  • H2 Production and CO2 Separation.
  • Modelling Superstructure for Conceptual Design of Syngas Generation and Treatment.
  • Process Integration: HEN Synthesis, Exergy Opportunities.
  • Global Clean Gas Process Synthesis and Optimization.
  • Selection of Best Designs for Specific Applications.
  • Examples of Industrial Applications.
  • Industrial Data Collection.
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