Food Preservation Process Design

Dennis R. Heldman 
Academic Press  2011  

Hardcover  368 pp  ISBN 9780123724861      £76.00
Focuses on three elements of preservation process:
  • Kinetic Models for Food Components
  • Transport Models in Food Systems
  • Process Design Models

Aimed at food science professionals as well as any organization that provides contacts with these potential users' There should be a significant audience in the food industry as new and emerging process technologies are evaluated and commercialized. The book will also be of interest as reference/suggested reading to students in the advanced level; graduate courses in the short term (3-5 years) and undergraduate courses in the longer term.


  • Introduction
  • Kinetic Models for Food Systems
  • Kinetics of Inactivation of Microbial Populations
  • Kinetics of Food Quality Attribute Retention
  • Physical Transport Models
  • Process Design Models
  • Process Validation and Evaluation
  • Optimization of Preservation Processes
  • Designing Processes in the Future
  • Appendix
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