Bacterial Biogeochemistry - The Ecophysiology of Mineral Cycling (second edition)

Tom Fenchel, Gary King and George 
Academic Press  1998  

Hardback  320 pages  ISBN 9780121034559      £76.00
The second edition of this book, that has been completely rewritten to incorporate all the advances and discoveries of the last twenty years, focuses on bacterial metabolism and its relevance to the environment, including the decomposition of soil, food chains, nitrogen fixation, assimilation and reduction of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur and microbial symbiosis. The scope of the new edition has broadened to provide a new historical perspective and covers in greater depth topics such as bioenergetic processes, characteristics of microbial communities, spatial heterogeneity, transport mechanisms, microbial biofilms, extreme environments and evolution of biogeochemical cycles. It includes coverage of interactions between microbial processes, atmospheric composition and the earth's greenhouse properties relevant to climate change.

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