Fossil Plants - Set of 4 volumes

A. C. Seward 
Cambridge University press  March 2011  

Paperback  2372 pp  ISBN 9781108015998      £110.00
A. C. Seward (1863 -1941) was an eminent English geologist and botanist who pioneered the study of palaeobotany. After graduating from St John's College, Cambridge, in 1886 Seward was appointed a University Lecturer in Botany in 1890. In 1898 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, and was appointed Professor of Botany in 1906. These volumes, published to great acclaim between 1898 and 1919, provide a detailed discussion and study of an emerging science. In the early nineteenth century, research and critical literature concerning palaeobotany was scattered across disciplines. In these volumes Seward synthesised and revised this research and also included a substantial amount of new material. Furnished with concise descriptions of fossil plants, detailed figures and extensive bibliographies these volumes became the standard reference for palaeobotany well into the twentieth century.


Volume 1:
1. Historical sketch
2. Relation of palaeobotany to botany and geology
3. Geological history
4. The preservation of plants as fossils
5. Difficulties and sources of error in the determination of fossil plants
6. Nomenclature
7. Thallophyta
8. Bryophyta
9. Pteridophyta (vascular cryptograms)
10. Equisetales (continued)
11. Sphenophyllales

Volume 2:
12. Spenophyllales (continued from volume 1)
13. Psilotales
14. Lycopodiales
15. Arborescent lycopodiales
16. Sigillaria
17. Stigmaria
18. Bothrodendreae
19. Seed-bearing plants closely allied to members of the Lycopodiales
20. Filicales
21. Fossil ferns.
22. Marattiales (fossil)
23. Psaronieae
24. Ophiglossales (fossil)
25. Coenopterideae
26. Hydropterideae and Sagenopteris
27. Genera of Pteridosperms, ferns, and plantae incertae sedis

Volume 3:
28. Cycadales (recent)
29. Pteridospermeae (continued from volume 2)
30. Medulloseae, Steloxyleae
31. Pteridospermeae (foliage and seeds)
32. Cycadofilices
33. Cordaitales
34. Cordaitales (continued)
35. Palaeozoic Gymnospermous seeds
36. Cycadophyta (fossil)
37. Cycadophyta (fossil) (continued)
38. Cycadophyta
39. Cycadophyta (fronds)

Volume 4:
40. Ginkgoales
41. Genera believed to belong to the Ginkgoales but uncertain
42. Genera of uncertain position
43. Coniferales (recent)
44. Coniferales (fossil)
45. Coniferales (continued)
46. Coniferales (continued)
47. Coniferales (continued)
48. Coniferales (continued)
49. Coniferales (continued)
50. Coniferales incertae sedis
51. Podozamites and Nageiopsis: genera incertae sedis
52. Gnetales


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