Handbook of Bioenergy Crops

N. El Bassam 
Earthscan  March 2010  

Hardback  544 pp  ISBN 9781844078547      £155.00
Biomass currently accounts for about 15 per cent of global primary energy consumption and is playing an increasingly important role in the face of climate change, energy and food security concerns.

Handbook of Bioenergy Crops is a unique reference and guide, with extensive coverage of more than 80 of the main bioenergy crop species. For each it gives a brief description, outlines the ecological requirements, methods of propagation, crop management, rotation and production, harvesting, handling and storage, processing and utilization, then finishes with selected references. This is accompanied by detailed guides to biomass accumulation, harvesting, transportation and storage, as well as conversion technologies for biofuels and an examination of the environmental impact and economic and social dimensions, including prospects for renewable energy.

This is an indispensable resource for all those involved in biomass production, utilization and research.


Part I: Fuel and Feed the World

  • Global Energy Production, Consumption and Potentials of Biomass
  • Bioenergy Crops versus Food Crops
  • Transportation Biofuels
  • Primary Biomass Productivity, current yield potentials, Water and Land availability
  • Harvesting, Logistic and Delivery of Biomass
  • Technical Overview: Feedstocks, Types of Biofuels and Conversion Technologies
  • Environmental Impact
  • Economic and Social Dimensions
  • Integrated Bionergy Farms and Rural Settlements

Part II: Energy Crops Guide

  • Energy Crops Guide

Part III Crops

  • Ethanol Crops
  • Oil Crops
  • Biogas from Crops
  • Hydrogen and Methanol Crops
  • Underutilized and unexploited Crops


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