Advances in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing

Edited by Olga Martin-Belloso, Robert Soliva Fortuny 
CRC Press  October 2010  

Hardcover  424 pp  ISBN 9781420071214      £99.00
Despite a worldwide increase in demand for fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, in many countries these products are prepared in uncontrolled conditions and have the potential to pose substantial risk for consumers. Correspondingly, researchers have ramped up efforts to provide adequate technologies and practices to assure product safety while keeping nutritional and sensory properties intact. With contributions from experts from industry, research centers, and academia, Advances in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing collates and presents new scientific data in a comprehensive update on technologies and marketing considerations.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this work discusses the basics and recent innovations in fresh-cut fruit and vegetable processing. It addresses scientific progress in the fresh-cut area and discusses the industry and the market for these commodities. The book covers the regulations that affect the quality of the final products and their processing as well as consumers€ attitude and sensory perceptions. The chapters cover the design of plants and equipment, taking into account engineering aspects, safety, and HACCP guidelines. They also examine innovations in creating healthy and attractive products.

Use of innovative packaging technology that could improve product quality and shelf life, new fruit mixtures with more variety, incorporation of flavors, or the use of steamer bags for vegetables are just a few considerations that could expand the markets of fresh-cut products. With its focus on science, including biochemical, physiological, microbiological, and quality aspects, as well as heath considerations and consumer science, this book reports on cutting-edge advances and the practical applications of these advances.


  • The Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetables Industry: Current Situation and Market Trends, M.A. Rojas-Graü, E. Garner, and O. Martín-Belloso
  • Regulatory Issues Concerning the Production of Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, M. van der Velde
  • Microbiological and Safety Aspects of Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, P. Ragaert, L. Jacxsens, I. Vandekinderen, L. Baert, and F. Devlieghere
  • Physiology of Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, E.A. Baldwin and J. Bai
  • Factors Affecting Sensory Quality of Fresh-Cut Produce, J.C. Beaulieu
  • Nutritional and Health Aspects of Fresh-Cut Vegetables, B. De Ancos, C. Sanchez-Moreno, L. Plaza, and M. Pilar Cano
  • Fruits and Vegetables for the Fresh-Cut Processing Industry, M. Montero-Calderón and M. Milagro Cerdas-Araya
  • Treatments to Assure Safety of Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, M.I. Gil, A. Allende, and M.V. Selma
  • Use of Additives to Preserve the Quality of Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, J.F. Ayala-Zavala and G.A. González-Aguilar
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables: Modeling Approach, C. Guillaume, V. Guillard, and N. Gontard
  • Use of Edible Coatings for Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables, M.A. Rojas-Graü, R. Soliva-Fortuny, and O. Martín-Belloso
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and Hygiene Considerations for the Fresh-Cut Produce Industry, P. McClure
  • Process Design, Facility, and Equipment Requirements, A. Turatti
  • Quality Assurance of Fresh-Cut Commodities, J.M. Garrido
  • Future Trends in Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetable Processing, G. Oms-Oliu and R. Soliva-Fortuny

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