Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition (2nd ed)

Edited by M R Bedford and G G Partridge 
CABI  November 2010  

Hardback  336 pp  ISBN 9781845936747      £85.00
From alpha-galactosidases to xylanases, Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects associated with enzyme supplemented animal feeds. Detailing economic, environmental and technological impacts, this new edition brings the reader up to date with the considerable advances of the last decade, providing a unique insight into the current market.

Chapters cover a wide range of topics using a variety of evidence from both in vitro and in vivo studies, providing a better understanding of the complex links between feed enzyme function, digestive physiology and ultimately animal performance. Particular attention is paid to new methods for the evaluation of enzyme responses, including holo-analysis. The authors provide a detailed discussion of the various enzyme classes that have been introduced into the market, exploring current use in the global industry and assessing the likely future trends and practices.

Readership: This is a useful text for commercial animal nutritionists, students and academics in this field.


  • Introduction - current market and expected developments
  • Xylanases and cellulases as feed additives
  • Mannanase, Alpha-galactosidase, and Pectinase
  • Starch and protein-degrading enzymes - biochemistry, enzymology and characteristics relevant to animal feed use
  • Phytases - Biochemistry, enzymology and characteristics relevant to animal feed use
  • Effect of digestive tract conditions, feed processing and ingredients on response to NSP enzymes
  • Phytate and phytase
  • Developments in Enzyme Usage in Ruminants
  • Other enzyme applications relevant to the animal feed industry
  • Thermostability of feed enzymes and their practical application in the feed mill
  • Analysis of enzymes, principles and problems / Developments in enzyme analysis
  • Holo-analysis of the efficacy of exogenous enzyme performance in farm animal nutrition
  • Feed enzymes, the future - bright hope or regulatory minefield?
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