Small-scale Fisheries Management Frameworks and Approaches for the Developing World

Edited by R S Pomeroy, 
CABI  January 2011  

Hardback  258 pp  ISBN 9781845936075      £75.00
Small-scale fisheries make up a large proportion of world's fisheries, both by catch and participation. Effective management is essential to ensure access to fish for food and income. Covering social and economic aspects of the fishery management and governance challenge, this book provides guidance on innovative and alternative management measures and methods for small-scale fisheries. The book covers key topics such as rights, policy, co-management, communications and trade, and is an important reference for researchers and students in fisheries science and management as well as fisheries research organizations and policymakers.

Of interest to researchers and high-level students in fisheries science and management, fisheries research organizations, policymakers, NGOs.


  • Underreported and Undervalued: Small-scale Fisheries in the Developing World
  • Approaches and Frameworks for Management and Research in Small-scale Fisheries
  • Diagnosis and the Management Constituency of Small-scale Fisheries
  • Human Rights and Fishery Rights in Small-scale Fisheries Management
  • Managing Overcapacity in Small-scale Fisheries
  • Adaptive Management in Small-scale Fisheries: A Practical Approach
  • Conditions for Successful Co-management: Lessons Learned in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the wider Caribbean
  • Climate Change and Other External Drivers in Small-scale Fisheries: Practical Steps for Responding
  • Developing Markets for Small-scale Fisheries: Utilizing the Value Chain Approach
  • Communication
  • Small-scale Fisheries Compliance: Integrating Social Justice, Legitimacy and Deterrence
  • Poverty Reduction as a Means to Enhance Resilience of Small-scale Fisheries
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