Plant Energetics

Octavian S Ksenzhek and Alexander G Volkov 
Academic Press  1998  

Hardback  416 pages  ISBN 9780124273504      £100.00
This book emphasises the physical and technological aspects of plant energetics, covering a significant interdisciplinary research area for a broad range of investigators. It presents the thermodynamics of energy processes in plants, their interconnection and arrangement as well as estimating intrinsic energy needs of the plant connected with performing various physiological functions. The book also demonstrates the role of electrical and electrochemical processes in the life cycle of plants. It presents contemporary material, both as current reviews of specific areas and in the form of recent research results, that will be of value to basic research scientists and industrial researchers dealing with photosynthesis, bioenergetics, biophysics, photobiology and plant physiology in relation to agriculture and horticulture.

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