Barley: Production, Improvement, and Uses

Steven E. Ullrich 
Wiley-Blackwell  January 2011  

Hardcover  640 pp  ISBN 9780813801230      £170.00
Barley is one of the world's most important crops with uses ranging from food and feed production, malting and brewing to its use as a model organism in molecular research. The demand and uses of barley continue to grow and there is a need for an up-to-date comprehensive reference that looks at all aspects of the barley crop from taxonomy and morphology through to end use. Barley will fill this increasing void. Barley will stand as a must have reference for anyone researching, growing, or utilizing this important crop.



  • Significance, Adaptation, Production, and Trade of Barley.
  • Barley Origin and Related Species.
  • Barley Genome Organization, Mapping, and Synteny.
  • Genome Analysis: The State of Knowledge of Barley Genes.
  • Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics of Barley: A Model Cereal Crop with a Large Genome.
  • Application of Molecular Genetics and Transformation to Barley Improvement.
  • Barley Germplasm Conservation and Resources.
  • Barley Breeding History, Progress, Objectives, and Technology.
  • Cultural Practices: Focus on Major Barley-Producing Regions.
  • Abiotic Stresses in Barley: Problems and Solutions.
  • Biotic Stress in Barley: Disease Problems and Solutions.
  • Biotic Stress in Barley: Insect Problems and Solutions.
  • The Development, Structure, and Composition of the Barley Grain.
  • Biochemistry, Physiology, and Genetics of Endosperm Mobilization in Germinated Barley Grain.
  • Malting and Brewing Uses of Barley.
  • Barley Feed Uses and Quality Improvement.
  • Food Uses of Barley.
  • Adapting Cereal Plants and Human Society to a Changing Climate and Economy Merged by the Concept of Self-Organization.


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