Desk Encyclopedia of Plant and Fungal Virology

Brian W.J. Mahy and Marc H.V. van Regenmortel 
Academic Press  2010  

Hardcover  632 pp  ISBN 9780123751485      £60.00
  • The most comprehensive single-volume source providing an overview of virology issues related to plant and fungi
  • Bridges the gap between basic undergraduate texts and specialized reviews
  • Concise and general overviews of important topics within the field will help in preparation of lectures, writing reports, or drafting grant applications

This volume consists of 85 chapters that highlight recent advances in our knowledge of the viruses that infect plants and fungi. It begins with general topics in plant virology including movement of viruses in plants, the transmission of plant viruses by vectors, and the development of virus-resistant transgenic plants. The second section presents an overview of the properties of a selection of 20 well-studied plant viruses, 23 plant virus genera and a few larger groups of plant viruses. The third section, which is abundantly illustrated, highlights the most economically important virus diseases of cereals, legumes, vegetable crops, fruit trees and ornamentals. The last section describes the major groups of viruses that infect fungi.


Movement of viruses in plants - Vector transmission of plant viruses - Diagnostic techniques: plant viruses - Plant antiviral defense: gene silencing pathway - Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) - Plant resistance to viruses: engineered resistance - Plant resistance to viruses: geminiviruses - Plant virus vectors (gene expression systems) - Vaccine production in plants - Viroids

Alfalfa mosaic virus - Allexivirus - Banana bunchy top virus - Barley yellow dwarf viruses - Beet curly top virus - Benyvirus - Bromoviruses - Cacao swollen shoot virus - Capillovirus, Foveavirus, Trichovirus, Vitivirus - Carlavirus - Carmovirus - Caulimoviruses: general features - Caulimoviruses: molecular biology - Citrus tristeza virus - Cowpea mosaic virus - Cucumber mosaic virus - Flexiviruses - Furovirus - Ilarvirus - Luteoviruses - Machlomovirus - Maize streak virus - Mungbean yellow mosaic viruses - Nanoviruses - Necrovirus - Nepovirus - Ophiovirus - Papaya ringspot virus - Pecluvirus - Plant reoviruses - Plant rhabdoviruses - Plum pox virus - Pomovirus - Potato virus Y - Potexvirus - Rice yellow mottle virus - Sequiviruses - Sobemovirus - Tenuivirus - Tobacco mosaic virus - Tobamovirus - Tobravirus - Tomato leaf curl viruses from India - Tombusviruses - Tospovirus - Tymoviruses - Umbravirus - Watermelon mosaic virus and ZYMV

Cereal viruses: Maize and Corn - Cereal viruses: Rice - Cereal viruses: Wheat and Barley - Emerging geminiviruses - Emerging and reemerging virus diseases of plants - Legume viruses - Plant virus diseases: economic aspects - Plant virus diseases: fruit trees and grapevine - Plant virus diseases : ornamental plants - Potato viruses - Tobacco viruses - Vegetable viruses

Ascoviruses - Barnaviruses - Chrysoviruses - Dicistroviruses - Fungal viruses - Hypovirulence - Hypoviruses - Mycoreoviruses - Narnaviruses - Partitiviruses of fungi - Prions of yeast and fungi - Retrotransposons of fungi - Totiviruses - Ustilago maydis viruses - Yeast L-A virus

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