Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology - 2nd edition

Moselio Schaechter 
Academic Press  2010  

Hardcover  1259 pp  ISBN 9780123749802      £130.00
  • The most comprehensive single-volume source providing an overview of microbiology to non-specialists
  • Bridges the gap between introductory texts and specialized reviews.
  • Provides concise and general overviews of important topics within the field making it a helpful resource when preparing for lectures, writing reports, or drafting grant applications

The Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Second Edition is a single-volume comprehensive guide to microbiology for the advanced reader. Derived from the six volume e-only Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Third Edition, it bridges the gap between introductory texts and specialized reviews. Covering topics ranging from the basic science of microbiology to the current ";hot"; topics in the field, it will be invaluable for obtaining background information on a broad range of microbiological topics, preparing lectures and preparing grant applications and reports.

Of interest to microbiologists working in research, teaching, industry, and government

Contents (By topic)

Cell membrane, prokaryotic - Cell Structure, Organization, Bacteria and Archaea - Chromosome, Bacterial - Flagella, Prokaryotic - Outer Membrane, Gram-Negative Bacteria - Peptidoglycan. (Murein) - Pili, Fimbriae - Crystalline Cell Surface Layers

Adhesion, Microbial - Autotrophic CO2 Metabolism - Bioluminescence, Microbial - Cell Cycles and Division - Continuous Cultures (Chemostats) - Fermentation - Metabolism, Central (Intermediary) - Nutrition, Microbial - Photosynthesis: microbial - Posttranscriptional Regulation - Quorum-Sensing in Bacteria - Sensory Transduction in Bacteria - Stress, bacterial: General and Specific - Transcriptional Regulation - Transport, Solute - Development, Prokaryotic: Variety and Versatility - Chromosome Replication and Segregation - Chemotaxis - Growth Kinetics, Bacterial

Conjugation, Bacterial - DNA Restriction and Modification - Plasmids, Bacterial - Transduction: Host DNA Transfer by Bacteriophages - Transposable Elements

Genomics and Evolution
DNA Sequencing and Genomics - Evolution, Theory and Experiments with Microorganisms - Horizontal gene transfer: Uptake of extracellular DNA by bacteria - Metagenomics

Biofilms, microbial - Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents - Marine Habitats - Ecology, Microbial

Pathogenesis and antimicrobials
Antibiotic Resistance - Emerging Infections - Exotoxins - Gastrointestinal Microbiology in the Normal Human Host - Lipopolysaccharides (endotoxins) - Plant Pathogens and Disease: general introduction - Vaccines, Viral - Food and Waterborne Illnesses

Endosymbionts and Intracellular Parasites - Microbial Diversity

Agrobacterium and Plant Cell Transformation - Archaea (overview) - Bacillus subtilis - Caulobacter - Cyanobacteria - Escherichia coli - Opportunistic Human Gram Negative Anaerobes: Friend and Foe - Gram-Negative Opportunistic Anaerobes: Friends and Foes - Helicobacter pylori - Legionella, Bartonella, Haemophilus - Tuberculosis: Molecular Basis of Pathogenesis - Mycoplasma and Spiroplasma - Pseudomonas - Spirochetes - Staphylococcus - Streptococcus pneumoniae - Yeasts

Viruses (and Prions)
Bacteriophage - Overview - Hepatitis Viruses - Herpesviruses - HIV/AIDS - Influenza - Prions - Viroids/virusoids

Industrial Processes and Methodology
Amino Acid Production - Bioreactors - Ethanol - Metal Extraction and Biomining - Strain Improvement - Industrial Biotechnology, (Overview)

Biological Warfare - Forensic Microbiology

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