Water Technology, An Introduction for Environmental Scientists and Engineers

N F Gray 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2010  

Softcover  768 pp  ISBN 9781856177054      £40.00
  • Covers water quality and regulation
  • Deals with water quality assessment, management and treatment
  • Includes a new chapter on sustainability within water technology

Of interest to masters students (and some undergrads) on environmental science, engineering courses, construction courses and students registered for the CIWEM Diploma (Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management). Professionals working in the water industry: water service companies, environmental regulators, and consultants.


  • Basic Considerations in Hydrobiology;
  • Water Resources and Demand;
  • Factors Determining the Distribution of Animals and Plants in Freshwaters;
  • Basic Aquatic Ecosystems; Micro-organisms and Pollution Control;
  • Water Pollution;
  • Water Basin Management;
  • Water Quality and Regulation;
  • Water Quality Assessment;
  • Water Treatment and Distribution;
  • Drinking Water Contamination;
  • Pathogens and Their Removal;
  • Nature of Wastewater;
  • Introduction to Wastewater Treatment;
  • Biological Aspects of Secondary Sewage Treatment;
  • Fixed-film Systems;
  • Activated Sludge;
  • Other Biological Treatment Systems;
  • Anaerobic Treatment;
  • Physio-chemical Treatment Processes;
  • Sludge Treatment and Disposal;
  • Household and Small-scale Treatment Systems;
  • Sustainability Principles in Water Management.
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