Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis - Practical Design and Theory

Prabir Basu 
Academic Press  2010  

Hardcover  376 pp  ISBN 9780123749888      £80.00
Key Features
  • Includes step-by-step design procedures and case studies for Biomass Gasification
  • Provides worked process flow diagrams for gasifier design.
  • Covers integration with other technologies (e.g. gas turbine, engine, fuel cells)

Modernized biomass gasification for power generation has attracted increasing interests as an attempt to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel. In fact, over the past couple of years, a lot of RD&D has gone into overcoming the technical hurdles of biomass gasification mainly producing clean gas which is free of particulates and tars bed agglomeration and biomass feeding/handling. Biomass Gasification Design Handbook offers engineers and scientist a ?hands on? reference for understanding and successfully overcoming these hurdles. In this book, readers find a versatile resource that not only explains the basic principles of energy conversion and biomass conversion systems but also provides valuable insight into the design of biomass gasifiers. Thorough in his coverage, the author provides many worked out design problems, step-by-step design procedures, and real data on commercially operating systems. In addition, the book contains four valuable appendices that eliminate the need to search for essential information.

Of interest to: Mechanical Engineers, Renewable Energy Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Chemists and materials scientists, Biological scientists, Agricultural and food scientists


  • Introduction
  • Enviornmental and Economic issues of biomass gasification
  • Biomass characteristics base
  • Pyrolysis of biomass
  • Tar issues in gasification
  • Kinetics & Modeling of biomass gasification
  • Design of Biomass gasifiers
  • Gasification in supercritical fluid
  • Agglomeration problem of biomass
  • Feeding and handling of biomass
  • Appendix & Design data
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