Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology (Fourth Edition)

Park S Nobel 
Academic Press  April 2009  

Hardback  540 pp approx  ISBN 9780123741431      £57.00
  • All illustrations have been redrawn, many in two-color
  • New material includes: 14 new figures, 100 new references, 20 new equations and considerable new and revised text
  • Extensive cross-referencing with a simpler system for chapter sections and subsections
  • Easy-to-use format including major equations being presented at the beginning of each chapter, and calculations presented outside of the chapter text
The new edition of Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology uses elementary chemistry, physics, and mathematics to explain and develop key concepts in plant physiology. In fundamental ways, all physiological processes that occur in cells, tissues, organs, and organisms obey such relations. Topics include diffusion, membranes, water relations, ion transport, photochemistry, bioenergetics of energy conversion, photosynthesis, environmental influences on plant temperature, and gas exchange for leaves and whole plants. This new edition maintains the unparalleled commitment to clear presentation and improves upon the user friendliness of the previous versions.

Readership: Junior/Senior Undergraduates and Graduates studying Plant Physiology, Plant Physiological Ecology, Physicochemical Biology, Environmental Biology, Plant Biophysics, Cell Biology, Advanced Topics in Plant Physiology as well as faculty and researchers interested in plant sciences and environmental sciences.


  • Cells and Diffusion
  • Water
  • Solutes
  • Light
  • Photochemistry of Photosynthesis
  • Bioenergetics
  • Temperature and Energy Budgets
  • Leaves and Fluxes
  • Plants & Fluxes
  • Problem Solutions
  • Appendices
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