Diseases, Pests and Disorders of Potatoes - A Colour Handbook

Stuart Wale, Bud Platt, Nigel D. Cattlin 
Manson  2008  

Hardcover  176 pp  ISBN 9781840760217      £50.00
Covering the most important pathogens, this handbook provides clear, concise descriptions of the symptoms and cycles of diseases and disorders, and the pests that commonly prey on potato crops, their distribution and importance, and advice on their control. The text is illustrated with some 235 superb colour photographs of affected crops to aid in the rapid and accurate identification of disease. The Colour Handbook provides a practical reference for professionals and students involved with potato production, handling and storage worldwide.


Potato Disease, Pest and Disorder Diagnostics

1.Bacterial Diseases
2.Fungal and Fungal-like Diseases
3.Viral and Phytoplasma Diseases
5.Insects and other Pests
6.Non-infectious Disorders: chemical, nutritional & physical; environmental; physiological


Diseases and Pests covered:
€Potato early blight €Gray mould €Black dot €Ring rot €Blackleg €Soft rot €Pit rot €Dry rot and wilt €Violet root rot €Silver scurf €Aster yellows €Witches broom €Pocket rot €Gangrene €Pink rot €Potato late blight €Skin spot €Spraing €Mild Mosaic €Sev. Mosaic €Net Necrosis €Watery wound rot €Leak, Brown rot €Stem canker €Black Scurf €White mould €Powdery scab €Common scab €Wart €Spraing €Verticillium wilt

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