Principles of Microbiological Troubleshooting in the Industrial Food Processing Environment

Edited by J L Kornaki 
Springer  2010  

Hardcover  140 pp  ISBN 9781441955173      £90.00
Principles of Microbiological Troubleshooting in the Industrial Food Processing Environment provides proven approaches and suggestions for finding sources of microbiological contamination of industrially produced products.

Industrial food safety professionals find themselves responsible for locating and eliminating the source(s) of food contamination. These are often complex situations for which they have not been adequately prepared. This book is written with them, the in-plant food safety/quality assurance professional, in mind. However, other professionals will also benefit including plant managers, regulatory field investigators, technical food safety policy makers, college instructors, and students of food science and microbiology.

A survey of the personal and societal costs of microbial contamination of food is followed by a wide range of respected authors who describe selected bacterial pathogens, emerging pathogens, spoilage organisms and their significance to the industry and consumer. Dr. Kornacki then provides real life examples of in-plant risk areas / practices (depicted with photographs taken from a wide variety of food processing facilities). Factors influencing microbial growth, survival and death area also described. The reader will find herein a practical framework for troubleshooting and for assessing the potential for product contamination in their own facilities, as well as suggestions for conducting their own in-plant investigations.

Selected tools for testing the environment and statistical approaches to testing ingredients and finished product are also described. The book provides suggestions for starting up after a processing line (or lines) have been shut down due to a contamination risk. The authors conclude with an overview of molecular subtyping and its value with regard to in-plant investigations.


  • Troubleshooting Costs , Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • Selected Pathogens of Concern to Industrial Food Processors: Infectious, Toxigenic, Toxico-Infectious, Selected Emerging Pathogenic Bacteria, Robert G. Behling, Joseph Eifert, Marilyn C. Erickson, Joshua B. Gurtler, Jeffrey L. Kornacki, Erick Line, Roy Radcliff, Elliot T. Ryser, Bradley Stawick, and Zhinong Yan
  • Solving Microbial Spoilage Problems in Processed Foods, Rocelle Clavero
  • Where These Contaminants Are Found, Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • What Factors Are Required for Microbes to Grow, Survive, and Die? , Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • Where Do I Start (Beginning the Investigation)? , Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • How Do I Sample the Environment and Equipment? , Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • How Many Samples Do I Take? , Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • When Can I Start Up My Factory or Processing Line Again? , Jeffrey L. Kornacki
  • Value and Methods for Molecular Subtyping of Bacteria , Mark Moorman, Payton Pruett, and Martin Weidman


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